Saturday, July 31, 2010

He finally has a name! Chocolate (Choco) is doing great. I've been doing exercises with him to teach him to think about where he puts his feet. I set out poles on the ground and had him trot and lope over them until he stopped tripping on them. He is such a fast learner (if it's something he wants to learn) and he is so sweet. I think there is no end to what he can do. I can't wait for the competition!

The Extreme Mustang Makeover!! 100 days to gentle and train a wild mustang and then compete against other mustangs. At the end of the competition some of the horses are available for adoption by competitive bidding. The purpose of the event is to show the versatility, trainability, and beauty of mustangs and to raise awareness for adopters.

In the yearling competition we will be judged in four different classes: handling, conditioning, showmanship, and in-hand obstacle course.
  • Handling: I will unhalter my horse in a small pen and then have to catch him. We will be judged on Choco's behavior, nervousness, and respect for me. If he bolts or runs when I need to catch him, that's bad.
  • Conditioning: They will look at Choco's weight, muscling, coat, and overall appearance.
  • Showmanship: Trainers must lead their horse through a showmanship pattern. The maneuvers may include walk, trot, back, pivot left and right, and stand quietly for the judges' inspection.
  • In Hand Obstacle Course: We will have to lead our horses through a course of basic maneuvers and obstacles that my include walking over logs, lounge line work, back through a simple chute, pick up all four feet, brush horse, and load and unload from a trailer.
The ten mustangs with the highest scores will return for the freestyle finals. Everyone can use props, costumes, and music to display their horse's athletic ablity and willingness to perform.