Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The adventure of a lifetime begins July 16, 2010! I will be spending about 100 days face to face with an American Mustang. At the end of this time, I will be competing against other youth and their Mustangs, at the Extreme Mustang Makeover. This competition is a fun way to raise awareness of the trainability and usefulness of Mustangs and also the problems facing the wild herds. Plus, at the end of the competition these Mustangs that have been trained by some of the best, are put up for adoption.

I'm drawn to Mustangs because of their intelligence, strength, and natural beauty. Watching video of wild horses running free is amazing. Mustangs also make great working horses, and the thought of taming a wild horse is exciting.

The name of my blog, PURE MUSTANG, comes from my favorite quote from the movie "Hidalgo." Frank Hopkins has taken his Mustang Hidalgo overseas for a long distance race. Another horse owner calls the Mustang "of impure blood." Hopkin's reply was that it was "pure Mustang." My research shows that Frank Hopkins was a teller of tall tales and that the movie is also a tall tale. However, it is a fact that Hopkins recognized the importance and worth of the American Mustang calling it "the most significant animal on the North American continent," and he worked hard for the cause of preserving the wild horses. (source: Wikipedia)

For the next 12 weeks I will be doing my part to get the word out about the Mustang cause as an American Mustang Representative, working for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. In addition to taming a wild horse, I am learning about the breed and the issues facing them in the wild. I will be sharing the information I learn with you in my blog.

Look each week for an update on my progress, and please check out the links to learn more about what I'm doing.
Thanks for checking out my blog!